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 Saber, CSO Chief Security Officer
Ruff, ruff! Watch out, here I come¢?¦I?m the boss around here. I?m Saber, a rescued mutt. My favorite thing to do is bark at imaginary intruders, but I also love napping in sunbeams, rolling in the grass, receiving booty rubs and stealing toys from my sis Tayte. By the way, even though I?m all bark, I?m no bite. I am the best licker around and I challenge any of you to prove me wrong.

 Tayte, CEO Chief Eating Officer
Tayte?s my name, eating?s my game. There?s nothing I love more than food, your food, wet food, dry food, any food. I do happen to love 3 Dogs and a Chick treats the best. My life rocks now that I?ve been adopted by my mom. I love my brother too. I don?t bark much but I?ll back up Saber any time he needs help with his ?intruders.? I?m also a lap dog stuck in a big dogs body so watch out if you?re on the couch.

 Zara, CJO Chief Joking Officer
Oh boy! Is that a squirrel over there? If it?s a squirrel, I really need to get it! I think it?s a squirrel, it looks like a squirrel, is it a squirrel? Okay, it?s a squirrel. Let me get it, I?m almost there, almost there! Oh, a leaf. Hi, my name?s Zara and the only time I stop moving is when I?m sleeping. I love shredding toys, jumping over objects like I?m a gazelle, pouncing on lizards and licking you right on the kisser. But most of all I love life. I?m the local jokester around here; some people call me Zany Zara. Arooo!

 Nicole Poch, Top Dog
From an early age, Nicole had a passion for bettering the lives of all animals. She was the little girl who wanted every stray dog, who moved turtles as they were crossing the road and who wouldn't dare squash a bug. After being an elementary school teacher for several years, Nicole decided to pursue her dream of helping animals full time. Educating customers on healthy treats, all-natural diets and eco-friendly products has become Nicole's focus and the neighborhood dogs are thankful for her compassionate spirit and friendly smile.

Okay, so there's really two chicks...

 Chick, CFO Chief Field Officer
Hey there! My name?s Chick and I?m a 29 year young American Paint Horse. I don?t know much about dog treats but I do love having dogs along with us on trail rides. They scare the black bears away. (Yes, there?s been a few run-ins¢?¦that?s another story.) I am an expert at reporting what the latest horse trends are. I hear my mom?s in the process of developing her own horse treats. I can?t wait! While I do wait, I think I?ll rub my tushie up against this tree¢?¦ohh yeah.

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